Our Nalanda campuses in various places of AP and Karnataka are in the middle of the locations where there will be a good frequency of buses. We provide pleasant atmosphere for the inspiration that evokes the best of the capabilities.

Our culture considers teacher as the incarnation of knowledge and guide to our future paths. Without proper faculty, it is horrible to have a thought of the world we live in. Nalanda believes in it and recruits the efficient and eminent scholars of their respective disciplines. They are able, competent, and up-to-date with proven track records even in the area of industry. The team is dedicated for the wellbeing of the students and their promising professional career.

A good Knowledge in information technology is not optional now-a-days. Every individual professional should be familiar with computer. ICAI introduced a hundred hour information technology training for all the candidates who has registered for Article Ship. Nalanda has roomy computer labs furnished with the latest configuration to train students. Hence their training would be attention-grabbing and intended to be clearly understood by the students.