What are the Employment opportunities for those who completed CA Course

They can start their wonderful career in the areas of Accounting,Auditing,corporate Finance,Corporate Laws,Taxation,Payroll and Bookkeeping. for Charted Acchountants there is great demand in the industry. By 2015 the country requires 5 lakh CAs. The CA will be gettin good jobs in addition to attractive salaries. They can begin the career as established and practicing charted Accountants.

In what ways CA is better when compared with the other courses?

Lakhs of people lost their jobs in various sectors as they went through the ups and downs as a result of recession. But it will have no effect on the jobs of those who completed CA Course. CA is the only course during the study of which there is a scope of remuneration as stipend. This is in the times whn youth remain unemployed even after several years are passed after their graduation. CA is the only course that provides an assured future.

The growing importance of trade and industry along with the rapid growth of capital and money markets in an economically developing nation like ours has increased the importance of Chartered Accountants enormously. Moreover all the companies registered under the Companies Act, are required to get their accounts audited only by practicing Chartered Accountants. A qualified Chartered Accountant has the option of joining the Government Service, Public Sector undertakings or taking up a lucrative assignment in the private sector. The duty of Chartered accountant is to ensure that the financial transactions of an organization are maintained according to the law; they also keep track of cost of management of the company and manage tax matters.

Chartered accountants can work as Finance Managers, Financial Controllers, Financial Advisors or Directors (Finance) and watch over the finances in the day to day management of companies. Their main areas of work include Accountancy, Auditing, Cost Accountancy, Taxation, Investigation and Consultancy.

The accounting department prepares, analyses financial reports and documents of an organization. Auditing involves checking the accuracy of the financial statements, ensuring that the accounts presented are drawn up on correct accounting principles. Cost Accountancy involves maintaining cost auditing records, compiling cost information, installing cost control and performing cost audits. Taxation involves dealing with direct taxes, like income tax and wealth tax, assessment of taxes, filing returns and providing advice on indirect taxes. Investigation includes expert examination of specific aspects of businesses for the information of interested parties on new issues of share capital, the purchase, sale or financing of a business and for reconstruction. The various areas of consulting include Management accounting and internal audit, corporate law advice, project planning and finance, business advise, systems design and information consultancy. Chartered Accountants also act as directors, arbitrators for settling disputes, handling work related to insolvency, bankruptcy etc. and also as executors under a will or trust in order to carry out the administration of an estate or settlements. They are also engaged in activities like markets research, budget planning, working capital management, inventory control, policy planning, securities consultancy, registrar of issues of securities etc.

Some of the opportunities available for Chartered Accountants are in capital markets, business houses and industry. They can also have their own consultancy or private practice which could be more lucrative and satisfying. With the country liberalizing its policies and approach, opportunities are expected to grow further.

They are also well placed in government sector as director finance, chief executive or the Head Of the Department of the accounts, information technology etc. They help the government for proper implementation of accounting system.

Other career option: After passing the CA examination one could go for management Accountancy course; courses like Diploma in Insurance and Diploma in Information System Auditing.

Prospects Abroad: Institute of CA of India is well recognized by Institute of England, Wales and Australia. The members of ICAI can do practice or they can go for employment in these countries. ICAI is not approved by several countries like United Nations of America. Since ICAI is a member of the international Federation of Accountants committee and also international federation of Accounting Standard board, one can do their services in these countries. But for practicing they should undergo a particular examination conducting by the respective countries. The examination conducted by UNA is called CPA, Certified Public Accountant Examination.